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  • The Amazon smartphone: Prime Data
  • The Amazon smartphone: Prime Data
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The Amazon smartphone: Prime Data

Rumours that e-commerce overlord Amazon is planning on releasing a smartphone have long circulated. New rumours suggest that not only could it really be happening, but that it will be accompanied by a revolutionary data plan which will change the way we use mobile internet.



  • Article image Modular pursuits: building the future of smartphones

    With a strong focus on community collaboration, Motorola’s Project Ara is open to third-party developers – so everyone has a say in what their phone does, how it looks and how much it costs.

  • Article image KitKat: how Android caught a break

    Google has announced that Android 4.4 will be called KitKat, after the Nestlé chocolate bar. Commentators are befuddled, but the collaboration could benefit both parties. Here's how...

  • Article image T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier' approach: challenging the industry norm

    Contemporary consumers distrust huge 'faceless' companies. Enter the 'challenger brand', who may not offer the biggest or best, but takes care of their customers and thinks outside the box.

  • Article image FreedomPop: the internet as a human right

    According to 'disruptive' new internet service provider FreedomPop, 'the internet is a right, not a privilege'. Can its 'freemium' broadband model challenge the internet's biggest players?