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  • Will 'GMO-free' foods take off in the US?
  • Will 'GMO-free' foods take off in the US?
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Will 'GMO-free' foods take off in the US?

With 90% of Americans saying that labelling GMO foods is a good idea, the state of Vermont is to become the first to require foods sold within its borders to clearly show on packaging if they contain genetically modified ingredients. Will this spur demand for 'GMO-free' foods?



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    How do you like your eggs – eco-friendly, or affordable? A start-up claims to have found a vegan solution that can offer both. But will people be willing to go Beyond Eggs?

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    People want big brands to consider the planet as well as their patrons. Chipotle is ahead in this game, with its hybrid campaign The Scarecrow demonstrating the power of storytelling.

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    Disney has redefined how it engages children with healthy eating as the first US media brand to create standards for food advertising that targets kids.

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    As consumer empowerment comes up against the rights of manufacturers to present their products in the best light, food labelling is on the front line.