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  • Are insects the new eco superfood?
  • Are insects the new eco superfood?
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Are insects the new eco superfood?

Promoting the ecological and nutritional benefits of eating insects isn’t new, but squeamishness has proved a barrier to widespread adoption. Now The Insect Cookbook, awarded first prize at LA’s Green Book Festival, hopes to repackage entomophagy for a foodie generation.



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    How do you like your eggs – eco-friendly, or affordable? A start-up claims to have found a vegan solution that can offer both. But will people be willing to go Beyond Eggs?

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    Louis Cole's YouTube videos show him ingesting various live animals and whatever else is guaranteed to boost his social currency.

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    Porkcamp promises a deeper understanding of the rituals associated with meat eating. It takes participants on a journey that begins with slaughter and ends with dinner.