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  • Airbnb connects tourists with locals
  • Airbnb connects tourists with locals
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Airbnb connects tourists with locals

You've booked a room through Airbnb, but what do you do when you get there? The room sharing platform is testing a new feature called 'Local Companion', a concierge service that connects you to locals at your destination, who can tell you where's hot and what's pop. 



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    Combining computer algorithms and real stylists, British menswear brand Thread offers a personalised shopping experience that strips out the distractions and confusion of online shopping.

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    In a smartphone-centric society, people are accustomed to living by their own schedules, and on their own terms. Enter YPlan, an app that takes the hassle out of having to plan ahead.

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    Impersonal, generic guidebooks are a thing of the past. Four Seasons is curating unique, personalised travel recommendations on Pinterest, extending its culture far beyond its physical walls.

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    Social shopping's effects are being felt in the world of online fashion retail, and one of the industry's most high-profile experiments so far is Motilo.