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  • Social shopping for creative beauty queens
  • Social shopping for creative beauty queens
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Social shopping for creative beauty queens

From ‘gothic pinup’ to ‘date night’ to ‘bengali party look’, Sephora’s new homepage is a cornucopia of user-generated creativity. Hundreds of selfies show off Sephora fans’ favourite beauty looks in a Pinterest-style format. And the best part? Each one is totally shoppable.



  • Article image Mink: 3D-print a colourful new make-up kit

    The make-up aisles of today's pharmacies are a bright spectrum of colour – but there's always that one perfect shade of lipstick no company seems to make. Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi is eliminating this irritation with Mink – a 3D printer just for make-up.

  • Article image L’Oréal Beauty For All: because everyone is worth it

    As beauty brands connect more with their consumers, Beauty For All is L’Oréal’s attempt to make itself more accessible by turning away from a super glam aesthetic. But do we really want brands to abandon unobtainable glamour for more humble, emotive and ‘real’ visual tropes?

  • Article image Julep: crowdsourcing beauty

    Online beauty start-up Julep is an internet phenomenon, targeting women of all ages who are genuinely passionate about beauty products and want their opinions and expertise to count. But what’s attracting so many women to sign up?

  • Article image We Are All Media

    Mainstream media channels have been destabilised and individuals are now the most powerful mouthpieces.