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  • Is India turning into big brother?
  • Is India turning into big brother?
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Is India turning into big brother?

With almost 600 million registered people, India's Unique Identification (UID) project is the largest biometrics identity program in the world. By collecting fingerprints, iris scans, photographs and demographic information, the initiative hopes to eliminate a range of problems.



  • Busting socio-cultural taboos in India Busting socio-cultural taboos in India

    Incest, lesbianism, sexual liberation and unwed motherhood. These are just a few examples of subjects a new breed of filmmakers are drawing up for female protagonists. But with these topics traditionally considered a taboo in India's culture, what will the implications be?

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    Analysts estimate that India’s luxury market could be up to 150% larger than it is now. Can an understanding of the unique Indian mindset help unlock the market’s full potential?

  • Article image Moët Hennessy: bubbling up in India

    As the Indian middle class continues to expand, Moët Hennessy is creating a new line of sparkling wines made from Indian grapes that embody affordable luxury and the country’s heritage.

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    Whatever the scale of your enterprise, the innovation culture and practice in India is changing to make it a dynamic environment for partnerships.