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  • Watch_Dogs: morality in the smart city
  • Watch_Dogs: morality in the smart city
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Watch_Dogs: morality in the smart city

In a not-so-distant future, Aiden Pearce strolls the streets of Chicago. Pulling a smartphone from the pocket of his inconspicuous trench coat, he hacks the nearest ATM and steals someone else's cash. For those who know what they're doing, a connected city is just waiting to be exploited.



  • Avatars change behaviour Avatars change behaviour

    The avatars people choose in video games can affect how they behave toward others in the real world, a study has found. Just a few minutes playing hero or villain in a virtual game caused people to either reward or punish real anonymous strangers.

  • Criminals hacking internet of things Criminals hacking internet of things

    The 'internet of things' is becoming a key target for hackers. Prompting security concerns is the revelation of a "terrifying search engine" that can locate and control systems as small as webcams and baby monitors, or as big as power plants.

  • Article image Pixels of pain: the rise of empathy gaming

    As the limitations and conventions of genre dissolve, That Dragon, Cancer is part of a fresh approach to gaming that recognises real empathy can only be felt through genuine experience.

  • Article image Self & System

    Recent technological developments are now giving us a tangible, global picture of how we as individuals fit into a broader ecosystem.