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  • Food labels leave us feeling uninformed
  • Food labels leave us feeling uninformed
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Food labels leave us feeling uninformed

Confused over what exactly is in your food? You're not alone, as just over half of people don't understand food labelling. But while there are growing government efforts to tackle this problem, people expect brands to step up and explain what's in their products. 



  • Understanding what you're eating Understanding what you're eating

    With people demanding more reliable information about what's in their food, start-up Klappo is creating a database of ingredients and recipes and creating an API for food – powering the development of apps that can help people more easily understand what they're consuming.

  • Brazil simplifies food guidelines Brazil simplifies food guidelines

    Brazil's new easy-to-follow food guidelines prioritise well-being. Rather than focusing on specific nutrients, they emphasise the broader picture of dietary health and suggest sensible, positive ways to eat better such as ‘don’t multitask while eating’ and ‘eat in company when possible’.

  • Article image You are what you Instagram

    Can our eating habits represent our identity? We sat down with author Charlotte Biltekoff to discuss how food aligns with aspirations and ethical codes, and shifting perceptions of health.

  • Article image Happy calories: Coca-Cola takes control of the obesity debate

    If obesity is an international crisis, sugar is increasingly cast as the chief villain. In response, Coca-Cola has thrown itself into the drive for collective health improvement.