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  • Starbucks revives the American Dream
  • Starbucks revives the American Dream
    Starbucks Coffee ©

Starbucks revives the American Dream

With American college fees continuing to rise and students facing mounting debt problems, Starbucks is stepping in with a plan to offer its employees a free online college education. The brand intends to help nearly 50% of US college students who fail to complete their degrees.



  • Article image Would you want a brand to be your BFF?

    Digitisation is helping brands and their customers communicate, forming narratives and relationships. Whether it's Netflix taking its viewers to prom, or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy reading the regional news, brands are manifesting in the real world, disguised as human beings.

  • Article image Coke’s Pure Joy: clean water for China

    As young people in China speak out against social and environmental issues, Coke has stepped in with charitable water brand ‘Chun Yue’, targeting socially conscious Millennials. But is this just a CSR project, or has Coke found a new niche for bottled water in China?

  • Honda launches bottled water brand Honda launches bottled water brand

    Showing its commitment to sustainability, Honda has produced a line of bottled water to demonstrate how clean its hydrogen-powered car is. The water brand – named H2O – was launched in Australia and is being used to promote the Honda FCX that emits water as exhaust.

  • Article image Happy calories: Coca-Cola takes control of the obesity debate

    If obesity is an international crisis, sugar is increasingly cast as the chief villain. In response, Coca-Cola has thrown itself into the drive for collective health improvement.