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  • Shop on Britain’s first cashless street
  • Shop on Britain’s first cashless street
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Shop on Britain’s first cashless street

For one day in June 2014, all shops on a busy high street in Chorlton wouldn’t let customers buy anything with cash. From bakeries to pubs and gift shops, all items had to be paid for with card - testing reactions to a future scenario when paper money becomes redundant.



  • Article image Bluebird: do the unbanked want an AmEx?

    American Express is synonymous with privilege and luxury – so its latest venture may seem surprising. Its Bluebird Bank helps Americans let down by traditional banking, who may not even have a bank account. What's driving the makers of the Black Card to bank the unbanked?

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    T-Mobile is launching into banking with a pre-paid debit card and banking app. But if people aren't willing to trust banks with their cash, why should they trust a telecoms provider?

  • Is cash becoming obsolete? Is cash becoming obsolete?

    A global survey from Nielsen has discovered that 54% of people from around the world prefer to pay with their card rather than cash. As the world becomes more digitised and mobile payments grow, could we see the end of cash?

  • Article image No Cash Day

    No Cash Day encourages Italians to use electronic transfers for purchases. The event is an attempt to raise awareness of physical currency's pitfalls.