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  • Delectable is Shazam for wine
  • Delectable is Shazam for wine
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Delectable is Shazam for wine

Would you like to know more about your wine? Delectable is an app that gives people insightful information about wine before they buy it. Point a smartphone's camera at a bottle, and the app will tell you its origin, flavour profile and how good it is, via expert reviews.



  • Amazon unveils the Fire Phone Amazon unveils the Fire Phone

    No stranger to innovation, Amazon has announced its debut onto the smartphone market. The Fire Phone undercuts Apple's iPhone considerably, and offers the best of Amazon's online services in the palm of your hand. But will it be able to compete in such an oversaturated market?

  • Article image Awear Solutions: shopping from a stranger’s back

    Israeli start-up Awear Solutions is making awkward 'where did you get that bag?' interactions a thing of the past with an app that lets you scan strangers’ outfits on the go, taking you to the original purchase site. But given that it relies on brand and customer co-operation, does it have growth potential?

  • Article image Amazon Dash: the connected future of shopping?

    With the spread of technology, companies are exploring the ways household chores can be made more bearable. Amazon is appealing to grocery-hating mothers everywhere with Amazon Dash – the kitchen assistant intended to do for the shopping list what Kindle did for the e-book.

  • Peekster: Shazam for print publications Peekster: Shazam for print publications

    On your way to work, you spot an interesting article in the free paper, but the train pulls into your stop before you have time to finish reading it. But with the Peekster app, you can can the headline to bring up the digital version and save it for later, or share it.