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  • A craft beer company that hates hipsters
  • A craft beer company that hates hipsters
    Garagista ©

A craft beer company that hates hipsters

A campaign by South African craft brewery Garagista Beer Company pokes fun at a large part of its target market - hipsters. With craft breweries growing around 10.9% over the last decade, its popularity has moved far beyond the hipster, and Garagista wants to leave them behind.



  • The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol

    Aimed at parties and corporate functions, Boston-based Drizly aims to deliver alcohol to your doorstep in under 40 minutes. After receiving £2.5 million in funding, and with a host of competitors across the US emerging, the race towards delivering 'on demand' alcohol is on.

  • Article image Where has the lad gone? And do we want to find him?

    With lads’ mags Nuts and Front publishing their final issues in April 2014, The Sun’s Page 3 under fire, and even the relatively more sophisticated idea of metrosexual man now an assumed norm, does the 'lad' still exist? If so, where can he be found? And is it worth trying?

  • Article image Fuse ODG: the sound of new Africa

    With three hits in as many singles, Fuse ODG is a leading pioneer of Afrobeats. Growing up in both Ghana and Britain, Fuse felt a disjointed sense of identity. He's now using his success to counter stereotypes and show the world the capable, exuberant Africa he loves.

  • Pop culture beer Pop culture beer

    With seemingly everyone obsessing over the latest television shows, one brewer is cashing in with its cross-branded lines. With its range of Game of Thrones branded beers, US brewery Ommegang's partnership with HBO is bucking trends in a stagnating beer market - and seeing growing success.