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  • Digitising the loyalty card
  • Digitising the loyalty card
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Digitising the loyalty card

Loyalty cards can offer big discounts from groceries to coffee. But with people often leaving their plastic loyalty cards at home, they’ve become one more thing to remember. Spotting an opportunity, Indian startup Forysta Ventures has created a mobile loyalty platform.



  • A loyalty scheme that shows companies care A loyalty scheme that shows companies care

    Is rewarding people for shopping the best way for brands to encourage loyalty? With 78% of people not loyal to a particular brand, companies are trying different tactics. One approach involves rewarding people for behaviour that doesn't have any financial benefit to companies. 

  • Customers dropping loyalty cards Customers dropping loyalty cards

    While figures appear to indicate that loyalty scheme memberships are on the rise, less than half of the memberships are active - meaning that while people are subscribed to more schemes than before, they don't actually use their cards or discounts.

  • Article image Shopkick: rewarding shoppers on the high street

    In the smartphone era, 'traditional' card-based loyalty schemes are evolving. How does Shopkick, an app that rewards people for shopping, inject new life into the high street?

  • Article image Augmented retail: how supermarkets are evolving the shop floor

    As more shoppers move online, real-world stores like Tesco are filling their extra floor space with services to complement their existing offerings and enhance their core business.