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  • Give brands a missed call in India
  • Give brands a missed call in India
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Give brands a missed call in India

Known as ‘Biper’ in France, ‘Tok’ in Portugal, or ‘Flashing’ in Nigeria, a missed call can mean “I got home ok” or “I’m free to meet you now.” Indians often give each other missed calls to communicate for free, and in Bangladesh missed calls account for 70% of mobile traffic.



  • India rejects mobile money India rejects mobile money

    While mobile money is having an impact all around the world, it has failed to take off in India, where fewer mobile transfers take place than in Pakistan. But with developing countries embracing mobile payments, particularly in Africa, why hasn't the same happened in India? 

  • Article image Why Indians will put anything on credit

    India was once a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t have it, you didn’t spend it. Thanks to credit cards and a young generation that expect the finest things in life, India has a debt problem. But what opportunities can ‘putting it on credit’ bring?

  • Article image Keeping up with the Kapoors

    Today's young Indians aren't 'Indian' at all. They're global consumers with modern values and a growing desire for an international lifestyle. And the world is beginning to take note.

  • Article image Callback in South Africa

    South African communities have embraced Callback. Utilised in an unanticipated way, it signals the mutability of technology culture in emerging markets.