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  • Supermarkets no longer a one-stop shop
  • Supermarkets no longer a one-stop shop
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Supermarkets no longer a one-stop shop

Shopping habits are changing in the UK. While supermarkets used to be a one-stop shop for all grocery needs, 38% of shoppers said they were shopping in a wider variety of stores. Discount stores, convenience stores and online stores in particular are growing in popularity.



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    Are Britons still as proud of their nation? And what’s the latest food craze? In our 2014 / 15 cultural snapshot of the United Kingdom, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.

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    With Britons doing more online shopping than any other nation, high street retailers are finding new ways to lure people through their doors. London's EAT17 is a one-stop shop, offering kitchen towels, gourmet sausages, a quick burger or fancy evening meal, all under one roof.

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    With half of the UK population now passing through the doors of discount retailers and their sales showing double digit year-on-year growth, there’s certainly an appetite for discounted goods. But what’s behind this shift? And how is it affecting the UK’s retail landscape?

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    With the spread of technology, companies are exploring the ways household chores can be made more bearable. Amazon is appealing to grocery-hating mothers everywhere with Amazon Dash – the kitchen assistant intended to do for the shopping list what Kindle did for the e-book.