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  • Betty Crocker targets the modern family
  • Betty Crocker targets the modern family
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Betty Crocker targets the modern family

Less than 50% of US households include a husband and wife and 40% of women are the primary providers for their families. Since 1965, the time dads spend with their kids has tripled. The 'typical' family has changed, and baking brand Betty Crocker is trying to understand how.



  • Article image Forget 2.4 children, this is the modern family

    No two families are the same. We’re all individuals, and our relationship with our relations is just as complex and unique. It’s not easy to effectively represent the ever diversifying face of the ‘modern’ family – and a bold attempt by Honey Maid has sparked fresh debate.

  • Article image Cheerios Family Breakfast Project: a social start to the day

    In today's busy world, family mealtime is often neglected. Cereal brand Cheerios wants to make breakfast - the most important meal of the day - a more fulfilling family experience.

  • The return of family viewing? The return of family viewing?

    UK families are more likely to watch TV together now than they have been in over a decade, according to Ofcom. That's not to say time spent together is necessarily 'quality', with most family members multi-tasking and using smartphones or tablets whilst they're viewing.

  • Article image Modamily and the birth of the modern family

    Changing gender roles, new values and an increasingly fluid society mean the nuclear family is starting to feel like a throwback. Is Modamily a sign of things to come?