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  • Bookmark your news feed to read later
  • Bookmark your news feed to read later
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Bookmark your news feed to read later

Ever been in a hurry, but spotted a cool thing in your Facebook feed? To let you read or watch the content properly later, Facebook has introduced a feature called Save. Acting like a bookmark, it lets you save interesting items like links, places, movies, TV shows and music.



  • Article image PaperLater: a personalised paper to read at your leisure

    In an average day over 92,000 articles are posted online - the sheer volume of content is just unmanageable and impossible to consume. Combating this, UK-based PaperLater lets you save articles from the web, and in three days a customised printed paper is delivered to your door.

  • Printing the news on paper towels Printing the news on paper towels

    While printed newspapers may be losing out to online news and apps, a Mexican newspaper - Más Por Más - has found an innovative way to grab people’s attention. It rigged paper towel dispensers to print breaking news every time someone tore off a sheet to dry their hands.

  • Article image BBC Instafax: the news in 15 seconds

    As the world goes mobile, brands are adapting their offering. With 15-second Instagram videos set to dramatic music, the BBC's fresh approach to news is ideal for small screens.

  • Article image Bite-sized stories: why Circa gets mobile

    Following the transformation from print to online news, which saw many newspapers adopt paywalls, the news industry is adapting again – this time for mobile devices.