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  • Leak promotes anonymous honesty
  • Leak promotes anonymous honesty
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Leak promotes anonymous honesty

Ever wanted to tell someone something, but lost your nerve? Web service Leak has been created with the intention of solving this problem, enabling people to send anonymous emails to anyone they know. The example on the site? "I think you're so sexy, even if you're fat."



  • Article image Social networking in secret

    The growing number of anonymous communication platforms highlights the importance and scale of the desire for privacy online. Anonymity has gained a sense of authenticity and safety – and only by understanding this can brands continue to communicate effectively.

  • Article image 20 Day Stranger: a social experiment in stalking

    On social media, we see what we want to see; it’s a filtered version of the real world. But a new app from MIT’s Playful Systems department aims to change that, letting you intimately share in the life of a stranger for 20 days via regular anonymous social media-esque updates.

  • Anonymous confessions on the rise Anonymous confessions on the rise

    The growing popularity of anonymous confession app Whisper means people find comfort online to vent their innermost secrets. Some Mormons have used the platform to question their faith, giving a rare glimpse into the mindset of the community.

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    The internet 'meme' is a culmination of sharing, interaction and visuals, opening new communication channels between internet users. But how can brands gain access to these channels?