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  • WoW forced to take on the gender debate
  • WoW forced to take on the gender debate
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WoW forced to take on the gender debate

From Lara Croft to Tifa Lockhart, the women in games are as famed for their skimpy outfits as their ability to punch and climb their way through their storylines. In-game sexism is as prevalent as ever. Now, World of Warcraft is addressing some of its own social demons.



  • Article image Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the trashy mag of the gaming world

    Nearly 70% of US mobile gamers are women, but they're underserved. Ungendered or male-oriented games dominate. Celebutante simulator Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is disrupting the market with more than a million downloads in the first two weeks, but what’s caused this game to skyrocket to the top of the App Store?

  • Atari’s gay pride parade simulator Atari’s gay pride parade simulator

    From the subtle hints at bisexuality from GTA V protagonist Trevor Philips to the option to date both men and women in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, gaming is increasingly considering LGBT players. Atari is contributing its own game to the movement with gay pride social-sim Pridefest.

  • Article image Why video games are not just for teenage boys

    The word 'gamer' might make you think of teens in darkened bedrooms. In reality, over 60% of all American gamers are adults, and the average gamer is a 30-year-old with a job and family. But why do we play games beyond childhood? And is the way we play as adults any different?

  • Article image Hypersensitive! The new political correctness

    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?