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  • The UK's first zero-waste restaurant
  • The UK's first zero-waste restaurant
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The UK's first zero-waste restaurant

Statistics show that Britons are throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year - that’s 24 meals a month. The UK’s first zero-waste restaurant Silo hopes to change that. The idea is simple: throw nothing away and serve only locally grown, seasonal food.



  • Article image PareUp: selling on surplus food

    Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets in the US represents $165 billion of missed profit. Responding to this, PareUp caters to a conscious clientele by partnering with cafés and stores to promote surplus unsold foodstuffs, reducing waste and passing on discounts.

  • Designers wage war on waste Designers wage war on waste

    In a bid to reduce the four million tons of waste that Australia produces annually, designer Leyla Acaroglu has produced a 'good design' guide for better food storage, from clearer use-by date labels to freezer drawers that prevent forgetting food at the back.

  • Recycling inner-city food waste Recycling inner-city food waste

    New York's Mayor is rolling out a plan to compost the city's food scraps. Residents will keep their food waste in small containers, then deposit the contents into curbside bins for collection by sanitation trucks. Voluntary pilot schemes have been popular so far.

  • Article image Leftover profits: Rubies in the Rubble

    Each year, almost half of the world's food is thrown away. Putting it to wider social and commercial use, start-up Rubies in the Rubble makes gourmet chutneys from surplus fruit and veg.