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  • McDonald's makes fast food faster
  • McDonald's makes fast food faster
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McDonald's makes fast food faster

We’ve all experienced ordering food at a restaurant and having to wait ages for it to be ready. Aiming to solve the problem, McDonald’s is running a test programme with the promise of delivering drive-thru orders within 60 seconds - or customers receive a free lunch.



  • Article image Who has time for breakfast?

    Americans spend on average 12 minutes eating breakfast – just half the time they spend eating lunch and dinner. When did the most important meal of the day become so rushed? And how are brands capitalising on our hunger for a quick fix?

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    By 2025, more than one in five Europeans will be aged 65 or over. The EU has dedicated over €7 billion to tackle health issues, demographic change and well-being – and it’s produced a potential solution to the challenges of an ageing society: 3D printed food.

  • Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals

    The overall ready meal market in the UK is in decline, but there’s one sector that’s showing growth: premium ready meals. With people wanting to cook more at home and avoid ready meals due to increased health awareness, do premium ready meals offer the best of both worlds?

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    We went to London branches of McDonald's, Burger King and Subway in order to find out how consumers perceive and experience fast food.