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  • The attractive LGBT market in Mexico
  • The attractive LGBT market in Mexico
    Alfredo Narváez ©

The attractive LGBT market in Mexico

Many brands in Mexico are still hesitant to be linked to the LGBT community. However, considering the estimated 5.2 million LGBT people living in Mexico spend on average 10 to 15% more than heterosexuals, international and national companies are starting to take note.



  • Article image GAYTMs: cashing out and proud

    In December 2013, the law allowing gay marriage was overturned in Australia – spurring outrage, as two thirds of people support same-sex unions. At Sydney's Mardi Gras, ANZ turned its cashpoints into glitzy GAYTMs, sending a bold statement: accept our cash, accept our values.

  • Burger King debuts gay pride Whopper Burger King debuts gay pride Whopper

    During Pride 2014 in San Francisco, customers eating at a Burger King were served up a special rainbow-wrapped ‘Proud Whopper’. Customers expected it to be diferent from the original Whopper, but once unwrapped, the message “We are all the same inside” was revealed.

  • Most Mexicans shop online Most Mexicans shop online

    Research shows that 57% of Mexicans shopped online in 2013. The use of alternatives to conventional credit cards for online payments increased by 62%. Alternative payment platforms and mobile shopping are evidently on the rise in Mexico.

  • Appealing to LGBT communities Appealing to LGBT communities

    Alfa Romeo's sales in Japan have doubled after the brand began specifically targeting the LGBT market. It's sponsoring gay film festivals and pride events, where it hands out red Alfa Romeo condoms - a sign of growing acceptance.