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  • Kids put off by food labelled ‘healthy’
  • Kids put off by food labelled ‘healthy’
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Kids put off by food labelled ‘healthy’

In a move to tackle obesity, US schools will have to replace junk food with 'smart snacks' like granola bars and fruit cups in 2014-2015. But can deeply ingrained habits really be changed when a new study shows kids are less likely to choose foods they know are good for them?



  • Article image Why we all crave a sugar high

    The WHO wants to bring sugar consumption down to 26-32g a day - but even a single can of cola contains 40g. The road ahead might be long and bitter, but the war on sugar has already begun.

  • Healthy vending machines Healthy vending machines

    Farmer's Fridge have launched a vending machine that dispenses salads. The company has placed refrigerated kiosks in high footfall commuter areas in Chicago, targeting health-conscious commuters with their alternative to unhealthy lunches.

  • Financial incentives to be healthy Financial incentives to be healthy

    US employers will be able to use financial rewards and penalties to encourage healthier behaviours, when a 2014 portion of the Affordable Care Act comes into effect. The science of 'behavioural economics' found people tend to respond to incentives.

  • Walmart labels healthy foods Walmart labels healthy foods

    As part of its promise to improve the nutritional quality of its food, Walmart has devised standards to determine what is healthy and will label the foods that meet those standards. The label will appear on the retailer’s own Great Value and Marketside products.