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  • Facebook will start labelling 'satire'
  • Facebook will start labelling 'satire'
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Facebook will start labelling 'satire'

In the wake of the 2014 revelation that Facebook was performing unsolicited emotional experiments on some of its users, the site is facing a crisis of trust. Now Facebook is trialling a labelling system that will point out links to so-called 'satire' sites like The Onion.



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    Only 0.6% of online shopping is driven by social media, compared to e-mail, which drives 27%. Can Facebook’s Buy button, integrated into newsfeeds, encourage people to spend more when they're on social media? And are retailers really welcome on such a personal platform?

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    Status updates, baby pictures, event invites - the average person checks their Facebook 14 times a day, and 79% of smartphone users check their Facebook within 15 minutes of waking up. But what would life be like without Facebook? An experiment lets people find out.

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    Facebook already knows if someone is single or dating, where they went to school, and whether they like Rihanna or Beyoncé. But now the social network has revealed that it can make people feel happy or sad depending on the pictures, videos and comments it shows them.

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    In an age where we’re constantly evolving the way we interact in our daily lives, we’re finding new ways to mourn and mark loss. So how does the Facebook generation show their grief? Getting a tattoo that can be Instagrammed or shared on Facebook is one of the answers.