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  • Asia's Airbnb now offers 'cultural fit'
  • Asia's Airbnb now offers 'cultural fit'

Asia's Airbnb now offers 'cultural fit'

PandaBed is Asia’s answer to Airbnb, matching homeowners and holiday-makers. But what if a peer-to-peer connection comes with an awkward cultural fit? The PeerMatch service offers the chance to rent your room out to people according to shared culture, religion or age.



  • Spontaneous travel is on the rise Spontaneous travel is on the rise

    Most “last-minute holidays” are actually booked a few weeks in advance rather than minutes. Launched in July 2014, an app called Flight Tonight is set to change this, offering travellers the cheapest round-trip flights departing in nearby airports in as little as two hours.

  • Are friends the best travel guides? Are friends the best travel guides?

    From websites to apps, travellers are inundated with recommendations and reviews of places to eat, drink and visit. But often a scribbled note from a friend is the best guide. Founded on this idea, Travelboxe is an online friend-to-friend recommendation network.

  • Article image The Golden Girls Network: house sharing in your 60s

    A third of the 10,000 Boomers turning 65 each day are entering retirement single. The thought of being shipped off to live in a retirement home is unthinkable for many – but The Golden Girls Network offers house sharing for older single women who are still young at heart.

  • Article image DriveNow: Germany's convenient car-sharing

    As Millennials increasingly perceive ownership as a burden, car-sharing companies like DriveNow are changing the game. From Dusseldorf to Munich, they’re catering to an ever-growing percentage of young Germans for whom owning a car is no longer a viable or ‘cool’ thing to do.