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  • A water bottle you can post for recycling
  • A water bottle you can post for recycling
    Treeson ©

A water bottle you can post for recycling

Billions of plastic water bottles are sold every year, but less than 30% get recycled in the US. Hoping to change that, Treeson is launching a new sustainable bottled water. The bottle comes with a prepaid postage label so it can be placed in any USPS mail box for recycling.



  • The UK's first zero-waste restaurant The UK's first zero-waste restaurant

    Statistics show that Britons are throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year - that’s 24 meals a month. The UK’s first zero-waste restaurant Silo hopes to change that. The idea is simple: throw nothing away and serve only locally grown, seasonal food.

  • Article image Coke’s Pure Joy: clean water for China

    As young people in China speak out against social and environmental issues, Coke has stepped in with charitable water brand ‘Chun Yue’, targeting socially conscious Millennials. But is this just a CSR project, or has Coke found a new niche for bottled water in China?

  • Article image Conscientious consumption: the new Chinese foodie

    As ethics and quality are prioritised over surface-level appeal more than ever before, HK Honey is perfectly positioned to cater to the increasingly environmentally-aware Chinese consumer.

  • Recycling inner-city food waste Recycling inner-city food waste

    New York's Mayor is rolling out a plan to compost the city's food scraps. Residents will keep their food waste in small containers, then deposit the contents into curbside bins for collection by sanitation trucks. Voluntary pilot schemes have been popular so far.