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  • Gaming achievements as job credentials
  • Gaming achievements as job credentials
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Gaming achievements as job credentials

Today, the average young person will have spent 10,000 hours playing online games by the age of 21. Spending such an amount of time on anything will theoretically make you an expert, and increasingly people are putting their online gaming achievements on their CV.



  • Article image Classcraft: gamifying the classroom

    More than 7,000 pupils in 25 countries are learning with Classcraft, a platform that turns classrooms into MMORPGs. With the average young person in the US spending at least 10,000 hours playing online games by the age of 21, it seems like a logical move for education. But does gamification work for everyone?

  • Article image Education leaves the classroom

    As our society grows more complex, the educational landscape is becoming radically different. Our educational choices have multiplied exponentially, regardless of age, location or level, with the introduction of digital learning. But how effective are these new methods?

  • Article image Is sales training just a game for Gen Y?

    As young digital natives enter the workforce, how will their unique characteristics affect the way they perform as salespeople? And how can companies cater to their changing needs in order to get the best from their Millennial employees?

  • Article image Gaming in China: a cultural perspective

    The Chinese gaming industry has expanded dramatically over the past decade, and for the first time ever, it may become accessible to foreign companies.