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  • French women don’t want fashion brands
  • French women don’t want fashion brands
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French women don’t want fashion brands

For French women, fashion is personal. 80% view shopping as a personal pleasure, and the majority believe being 'in fashion' is a matter of individual style rather than following set seasonal trends. A June 2014 study sheds light on these independent shoppers.



  • Article image How ‘Made in France’ became the must-have label

    French-made goods have never been more desirable, and over 95% of French people see buying French products as a ‘citizen act’. But what has led them to care quite so much about local production? And do foreign brands still have a place in French people’s hearts?

  • Article image Aroma-Zone: do-it-yourself cosmetics

    In France, specialist beauty retailers have lost significant market share, and people are warier of what they put on their skin. Aroma-Zone says DIY beauty products are the answer. But will French women swap well-loved luxury brands for lotions and potions they have to make by hand?

  • Turning customers into walking fashion ads Turning customers into walking fashion ads

    Online, in store, via your television or by scanning a barcode; there are multiple ways to shop for things. Adding to the Internet of Things, start-up Awear Solutions plans to let you literally shop the shirt off someone’s back as they walk down the street.

  • Promoting the French lifestyle Promoting the French lifestyle

    Frenchologie is a website which brings together a selection of designers and brands that are exclusively French with the aim of promoting the art of living and the French "savoir faire". The product range includes fashion, beauty and delicatessen.