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  • A social shopping network for women
  • A social shopping network for women
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A social shopping network for women

The Chinese e-commerce industry is estimated to be worth in the region of $244 billion in the next ten years. Itugo is a social shopping platform for Chinese women that sells branded products, letting them share their purchases and updates, and get style inspiration.



  • Article image Secoo: selling on second-hand luxury in China

    China’s appetite for foreign luxury has created a resale market at home, with consignment growing 30% faster than luxury overall in 2013. But with 80% of items in second-hand boutiques being fakes, why do people trust Secoo's resale platform for designer handbags and watches?

  • Article image Facebook Buy button: shopping from your newsfeed

    Only 0.6% of online shopping is driven by social media, compared to e-mail, which drives 27%. Can Facebook’s Buy button, integrated into newsfeeds, encourage people to spend more when they're on social media? And are retailers really welcome on such a personal platform?

  • Article image I Love Mall: shopping in a virtual world

    Brazilians have a long-running love affair with malls. There are currently 503 shopping centres across the nation, earning a total revenue of R$129 billion in 2013. Can an e-commerce platform that promises to be a virtual mall entice Brazilians to spend online?

  • In China, experiences beat shopping In China, experiences beat shopping

    A new survey of a thousand affluent individuals has uncovered a broadening idea of wealth and luxury amongst China’s rich. As the urge to "seek and discover authentic experiences” has grown, travel and dining have toppled retail as the most desirable ways to splash cash.