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  • This Sainsbury's store is fuelled by waste
  • This Sainsbury's store is fuelled by waste
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This Sainsbury's store is fuelled by waste

Nearly 40 million tonnes of food is wasted a year in the US alone, and worldwide this number is two billion tonnes. With interest and concern about food waste continuing to rise, brands are beginning to take notice - like Sainsbury's and its store entirely powered by waste.



  • Article image Why we’ll soon be eating ‘rubbish’

    Between 30% and 50% of the world’s food is wasted. As food concerns and interest in ethical living continues to grow, are we becoming more open to eating less-than-perfect ‘ugly fruit’ or dining at a ‘past its sell-by date’ restaurant? But is food waste really good enough to eat?

  • RipeNearMe is a social network for fruit trees RipeNearMe is a social network for fruit trees

    Food waste is a global concern. But charity starts at home, and there is no excuse for throwing out food that was grown in your back garden. Coinciding with the rise of urban agriculture, RipeNearMe is an app that lets people subscribe to their neighbours’ fruit trees.

  • Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables

    With an estimated 300 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables wasted each year, the European Union has christened 2014 as the "Year against Food Waste". French supermarket Intermarche has responded by challenging perceptions of 'ugly' fruits and vegetables.

  • Article image PareUp: selling on surplus food

    Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets in the US represents $165 billion of missed profit. Responding to this, PareUp caters to a conscious clientele by partnering with cafés and stores to promote surplus unsold foodstuffs, reducing waste and passing on discounts.