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  • Apple focuses on digital payment tech
  • Apple focuses on digital payment tech
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Apple focuses on digital payment tech

With the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, the death of the physical credit card could be closer than ever before. Making its first foray into digital payments and wearable tech, Apple hopes to streamline the process of buying anything, anywhere with its new products.



  • Article image Android Wear: making smart watches wearable

    Over 30% of people are interested in buying a smartwatch, but their unwieldy design and poor functionality have put many off. Motorola’s offering hopes to appeal to the masses with a conventional aesthetic and integration of Google Now. Could it finally normalise the smartwatch?

  • Apple moves into healthcare Apple moves into healthcare

    Health and fitness app Healthbook – designed to resemble Passbook – can analyse everything from heart rate to hydration. The full extent of how the app will monitor these remains unknown, though Apple has hired a number of health and fitness experts.

  • Article image How 'wearable' is wearable tech?

    People prefer devices that are unobtrusive, fit into daily life, and look stylish. But do they really want to wear technology on their wrists, faces and around their necks?

  • Article image iBeacon: a shining light for retail?

    Some argue that iBeacon has the potential to completely change the way we interact with our surroundings – and others claim it could change the world forever. But what makes it so special?