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  • Digital wallets that find better deals
  • Digital wallets that find better deals
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Digital wallets that find better deals

While most people pay for goods online in their native currency, as mobile payment systems mature - boosted by Apple Pay - and new currencies flourish, soon digital wallets may have a new job: helping pick the best currency for each transaction.



  • Apple focuses on digital payment tech Apple focuses on digital payment tech

    With the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, the death of the physical credit card could be closer than ever before. Making its first foray into digital payments and wearable tech, Apple hopes to streamline the process of buying anything, anywhere with its new products.

  • Article image Rewardle: a loyalty scheme for indie coffee shops

    The Australian coffee shop industry is valued at over $4 billion, and independents account for 95% of all outlets - but the data-driven deals and promotions that big chains can offer pose a threat. Can digital loyalty scheme Rewardle give small coffee shop owners an advantage?

  • Article image Paying with perspiration and trading in Tweets

    Brands want people to interact with their products and services - because interaction can take on value as an alternative to traditional currencies. But what's in it for consumers?

  • Article image Bitcoin and black markets: rewiring for the new economy

    An exclusive adaptation from hacker Josh Klein’s upcoming book Reputation Economics, which explores how digitisation is destroying the limitations of the current financial system.