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  • Pensioners stay in London for retirement
  • Pensioners stay in London for retirement
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Pensioners stay in London for retirement

A new generation of pensioners are forgoing the cliché of living in quiet seaside towns for the hustle and bustle of city life. Rather than selling up their London pads and moving south, they are embracing the 'retirement nirvana' that's right on their doorsteps.



  • Article image Baugruppe: Berliners join together to build a home

    Rising house prices and a slow economy are moving home ownership beyond the reach of today's younger generations. In Berlin, one in ten new homes are constructed by Baugruppe (building groups). But what's the appeal of building your own home and community over buying a house?

  • Article image Seoul Sharing City: borrow from your neighbours

    Seoul has embraced peer-to-peer businesses and become the sharing economy’s model city. Now, the Sharing City initiative is turning it into a blueprint for city governance. But what makes Seoul ideal for this experiment? And what’s really driving Koreans to embrace sharing?

  • Article image The Golden Girls Network: house sharing in your 60s

    A third of the 10,000 Boomers turning 65 each day are entering retirement single. The thought of being shipped off to live in a retirement home is unthinkable for many – but The Golden Girls Network offers house sharing for older single women who are still young at heart.

  • Article image 'Olderpreneurs’ never retire

    More than a quarter of British companies are set up by people aged 50-65 – with a higher success rate than any of their younger counterparts. But why are so many older 50s taking on challenges and starting new careers, when their parents rejoiced at the thought of retirement?