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  • Netflix to woo France with original series
  • Netflix to woo France with original series
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Netflix to woo France with original series

Netflix is launching in France, but not everyone is happy about it. In an attempt to assuage concerns about potential damage to l’exception culturelle - the policy of preserving French culture and talent - it's funding and producing an original French series.



  • Article image How ‘Made in France’ became the must-have label

    French-made goods have never been more desirable, and over 95% of French people see buying French products as a ‘citizen act’. But what has led them to care quite so much about local production? And do foreign brands still have a place in French people’s hearts?

  • France introduces a 'home-made' label France introduces a 'home-made' label

    With 85% of France’s 150,000 restaurants serving vacuum-packed and frozen food without telling customers, it’s difficult to know whether a meal is cooked fresh. France has introduced a ‘home-made’ label, serving as an indicator of how pre-prepared a meal is.

  • France passes an anti-Amazon law France passes an anti-Amazon law

    France has long been seen as a country of classic literature; for many years it's been mandatory for all high school students to study the subject. And in the French literature market, real books are still king, with ebooks accounting for only 1.1%, compared to the UK’s 11.5%.

  • Article image House of Cards: a revolution in programming

    Streaming giant Netflix's first purpose-made series House of Cards reflects the growing power of digital channels and points towards new kinds of viewing behaviour.