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  • Crowdfunding to help the homeless
  • Crowdfunding to help the homeless
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Crowdfunding to help the homeless

At a time when a man making a potato salad can raise over $50,000, some argue that crowdfunding has taken a silly turn. Attempting to disprove this, HandUp is a crowdfunding platform that helps connect backers directly with homeless people in need of help.



  • Billboards that house the homeless Billboards that house the homeless

    Worth £777 million in 2013, outdoor ads aren't just about catching the eye and promoting a brand - they need to be engaging, fun, or useful. Slovakian architectural design firm Design Develop wants to make a difference by turning billboards into living spaces for homeless people.

  • 'Food porn' could feed the homeless 'Food porn' could feed the homeless

    According to Feedie, 65% of Americans eat out once a week, and millions of those people post pictures of their meals to social media. Instagram alone houses more than 20 million pictures tagged #foodporn. But what if posting these pictures could help those less fortunate?

  • Article image The new age of armchair philanthropy

    People are willing to show support for social causes – provided they don't have to do much - and brands are finding new ways to tap into the strength of the herd. By re-engineering menial actions – from buying body lotion to having sex – there are ways to reward everyone.

  • Crowdfunding the homeless Crowdfunding the homeless

    Dalston partygoer Jenny Baker has raised more than £10,000 for a local homeless man to return to Jamaica in just one week, after meeting him on a night out and launching Twitter campaign and Go Fund Me page '#getmichaelhome'.