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  • Crowdsourcing cycle safety in New York
  • Crowdsourcing cycle safety in New York
    Juancarlos Casas Gutierrez ©

Crowdsourcing cycle safety in New York

Since the first bike path was built in Brooklyn in 1894, over 200,000 New Yorkers cycle the streets every day. But this green and healthy shift has run into difficulties, so cyclists are crowdsourcing a map of cycling issues and hazard warnings to promote bike safety.



  • Article image Gobike: smart cycling in Copenhagen

    Around half a million bikes are sold in Denmark each year, and nine out of ten Danes own one. It's the ideal location for high-tech smart bike-sharing scheme Gobike to debut. But what will it mean for locals? And can it provide an effective solution to travel in other cities?

  • Streamlining cycling in Copenhagen Streamlining cycling in Copenhagen

    It was the early '80s when Copenhagen first set out to become a haven for cyclists, and in the decades since more than 200 miles of cycle lane have been built in the city. The latest addition – named the Cykelslangen – adds just 721 feet, but it's one of the most exciting.

  • What your cycling says about you What your cycling says about you

    Can the way people cycle give insight into what sort of employee they are? Author and cyclist Lucy Kellaway believes people display their 'true selves' when they ride a bike - aggressive overtakers don't work well with others, for example.

  • Cycling made safer with iPad Cycling made safer with iPad

    An inspired iPad app, Sprocket, combines with a unique jacket to form an innovative safety tool for cyclists.