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  • Immersive journalism with virtual reality
  • Immersive journalism with virtual reality
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Immersive journalism with virtual reality

Dubbed ‘news for the Minecraft generation’, the first major project to let readers experience a news story in virtual reality has been launched in France, as journalists move from storytelling to building immersive 'story experiences' to attract young readers.



  • Article image Endgame: turning a paperback into a multimedia journey

    As a publisher in the 21st century, how do you capture the attention of a generation of kids raised on tablets and computer games? Author James Frey thinks he has the answer – Endgame, a book that transcends its pages onto social networks and into the real world.

  • Virtual reality headsets Virtual reality headsets

    A new market for 'virtual reality headsets' is emerging among hardcore gamers seeking more immersive forms of play. After initial interest in Kickstarter Project Oculus Rift grew, Sony is testing a virtual reality headset named ‘Project Morpheus’.

  • Article image BBC Instafax: the news in 15 seconds

    As the world goes mobile, brands are adapting their offering. With 15-second Instagram videos set to dramatic music, the BBC's fresh approach to news is ideal for small screens.

  • Article image Being There

    'Being There' is an ongoing research project which explores how filmmakers can create more immersive documentary experiences.