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  • Wearable tech gets a snakeskin makeover
  • Wearable tech gets a snakeskin makeover
    Opening Ceremony ©

Wearable tech gets a snakeskin makeover

French fashion house Opening Ceremony may be better known for statement dresses and outrageous shoes, but a partnership with Intel has resulted in a luxurious piece of smart technology. But who wants to wear a snakeskin, bejewelled piece of wearable tech?



  • Article image Android Wear: making smart watches wearable

    Over 30% of people are interested in buying a smartwatch, but their unwieldy design and poor functionality have put many off. Motorola’s offering hopes to appeal to the masses with a conventional aesthetic and integration of Google Now. Could it finally normalise the smartwatch?

  • Article image How 'wearable' is wearable tech?

    People prefer devices that are unobtrusive, fit into daily life, and look stylish. But do they really want to wear technology on their wrists, faces and around their necks?

  • NFC ring: unobtrusive wearable tech? NFC ring: unobtrusive wearable tech?

    John McLear's NFC ring has shipped 25,000 units after far exceeding its Kickstarter goal. Wearers can share contacts and pictures, and unlock cars and houses. Its near invisibility and usefulness helps it avoid the pitfalls of most wearable tech.

  • Article image Me & the machines: wearable technology

    With half a billion wearable devices shipping in the next few years, soon interacting with smart cities will seem as 'normal' as checking Facebook.