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  • Londoners give away child for free wifi
  • Londoners give away child for free wifi
    Wouter de Bruijn ©

Londoners give away child for free wifi

The Cyber Security Research Council had a hunch people weren’t reading the terms and conditions when they logged onto free wifi networks. So they created a hotspot with a hidden clause; users had to “assign their first born child to us for eternity”  people still signed up.



  • Facebook tests a 'super-privacy' app Facebook tests a 'super-privacy' app

    After revelations concerning unsolicited emotional experiments being carried our on unsuspecting members, Facebook has been trying to regain the trust of its audience. It's created Moments - an app focused on super-private sharing of photos, updates and videos.

  • Article image Citizenme: giving back control of personal data

    Nearly 80% of people think companies use their personal data to make more money, so they're reluctant to share it. With over three quarters of people concerned about online privacy, Citizenme gives them back control of their data. But what does it mean for users and advertisers?

  • Article image Watching out for the 'creepy' line

    When does insightful personalisation become intrusive? And how do brands build lasting relationships with consumers who are concerned about being spied on?

  • Article image The darkweb and proactive privacy seekers

    The indifference of giants like Google and Facebook to user privacy concerns could be driving net users to an increasingly viable alternative; the dark net.