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  • Take the stairs, not the lift
  • Take the stairs, not the lift
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Take the stairs, not the lift

In our busy, and often sedentary, lives finding time to go to the gym is hard. It is therefore important that incidental exercise  a walk to work or carrying shopping home for example  is built into our routines so we get the recommended 30 minutes activity per day.



  • Hand-cleaning door combats disease Hand-cleaning door combats disease

    1 in 25 people actually get an infection during a stay in hospital, and poor staff hand hygiene is a leading cause of this. PullClean aims to reduce the spread of germs by automatically sanitising your hand whenever you open a door.

  • Ode uses scent to tackle malnutrition Ode uses scent to tackle malnutrition

    Smell is the most evocative of senses, and can have powerful effect on behaviour. Ode uses different scents to help late-stage dementia sufferers to remember to eat – around 50% of dementia patients suffer from weight loss and malnutrition.

  • Piano stairs Piano stairs

    In Odenplan, Stockholm, a set of stairs plays musical notes with each step. These piano stairs have resulted in a huge increase in individuals taking the stairs.