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  • Groupon's app Snap pays you to shop
  • Groupon's app Snap pays you to shop
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Groupon's app Snap pays you to shop

Moving further away from its origins as an online daily deals site, Groupon has launched its app Snap. It gives people money back on certain products - if you purchase one of the featured products, just scan your receipt with your camera and you'll get some cash back.



  • Article image PhotoMoney: snap your spending in Japan

    Studies show that three quarters of us are born with the inclination to make poor spending decisions - spurring the creation of Japanese money management app PhotoMoney. And while it's not the first, developers believe it's unique enough to effectively alter spending habits.

  • Article image iGaranti: for Millennials who can't manage their money

    In Turkey, popular bank Garanti is causing a stir with its revolutionary banking-on-the-go app iGaranti. As more services go mobile, the future of seamless, social money management seems likely to come in the form of smartphone integration and a consumer driven-approach.

  • Article image Shopkick: rewarding shoppers on the high street

    In the smartphone era, 'traditional' card-based loyalty schemes are evolving. How does Shopkick, an app that rewards people for shopping, inject new life into the high street?

  • Article image Shoppers and discounts

    Brands hit hard by the economic downturn are turning to a strategy of heavily discounting products in order to attract consumers.