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  • The 'real' Paris slows Chinese tourism
  • The 'real' Paris slows Chinese tourism
    Luke Ma ©

The 'real' Paris slows Chinese tourism

An epidemic known as ‘Paris Syndrome’ is gripping a growing number of Chinese tourists every year, as romantic expectations collide with the uglier side of Paris – packed metros, dirty streets, rude waiters, and pickpockets. And it’s damaging French tourism.



  • Article image Is French luxury still alive?

    French know-how, heritage, and traditions are the essence of luxury. This expertise is acknowledged globally – nearly 85% of all French luxury goods are exported. But, with the rise of new markets such as China and Russia, is France still the world’s top reference for luxury?

  • Patriotic tourism booms in China Patriotic tourism booms in China

    In 2013, 786 million tourists visited revolutionary sites in China - a 17.3% increase from 2012 - with the sudden growth expected to generate $32 billion. Renewed interest in China's revolutionary past has fuelled visits to the scenes of famous battles and victories.

  • Rebooting Paris' abandoned taxi ranks Rebooting Paris' abandoned taxi ranks

    In Paris, empty taxi ranks are soon to be a thing of the past. The number of people who use the ranks has steadily declined in recent years following the introduction of apps like Flywheel, which have drawn people away. But now, an official city-wide app is to be launched.

  • Article image China‚Äôs new tourists seek ultimate luxury

    Chinese tourists are expected to make over 200 million trips by 2020; three times more than tourists from the US. But how are Chinese tastes affecting the world’s most expensive hotel rooms? What can hotels do to make these tourists feel welcome on their first trips abroad?