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  • No more dodgy Google Translations
  • No more dodgy Google Translations
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No more dodgy Google Translations

“She shot the car will go” - Google Translate often returns some pretty odd results. English is the most popular language on the web, but even that accounts for only 30%, so Wovn uses a single line of code to better translate web pages to ensure a global reach.



  • Article image Are we all digital cosmopolitans?

    Gone are the days where intrepid travellers would touch down on foreign soil without having any clue how to get around. In today's hyperconnected world, travellers are able to thoroughly research, itemise and plan their holidays on a level that's never before been possible.

  • Article image LINE: say it with stickers

    While WhatsApp wins over the West and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE has taken Japan by storm. With 400 million users worldwide, and 52 million in Japan alone, LINE's bright and vibrant customisable stickers are hugely popular – but can they really replace text?

  • Article image Duolingo

    The new Duolingo project aims to teach people a new language while they simultaneously translate the internet.

  • iPhone app translates dog language iPhone app translates dog language

    First you let your dog bark into the iPhone mic. The app then uses a special algorithm to analyze what your dog wants from you and display it on the iPhone screen.It also contains a feature to encourage dog owners to connect with each other on Twitter.