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  • The rise of e-sports is a big deal
  • The rise of e-sports is a big deal
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The rise of e-sports is a big deal

In October 2014, tens of millions of people across the world tuned in to live stream a sporting event. But it wasn't American Football or soccer, it was watching two teams - one Chinese, one Korean - compete in the computer game League of Legends.



  • Article image PewDiePie: why 30 million teens watch a guy play video games

    PewDiePie is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and its creator makes more than £2 million a year on ad sales. He's one of YouTube's elite – a new generation of hyper-influential media moguls. But why are 30 million teens watching a stranger play video games?

  • Millions watch a fish play Pokémon Millions watch a fish play Pokémon

    After 200 hours of gameplay, Grayson the fish has chosen his own name, gained his first Pokémon (a Charmander named AAAABBK) and defeated an opponent. Live-streamed on Twitch.tv, millions are tuning in to spectate on what could turn out to be the longest Pokémon game ever.

  • Article image Why teens would rather be internet famous

    One in three teens claim they could make money by creating YouTube videos. The success of social media stars like Bethany Mota shows that celebrity endorsements aren't influential as they used to be. Today's teens want inspiration from cool kids who could easily be their mates.

  • Tip your favourite YouTube video star Tip your favourite YouTube video star

    With over 100 hours of video footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, and over 6 billion hours of video watched and discussed on the site each month, it's a thriving community. Now, Google has brought fan funding to YouTube in the form of a Tip Jar function.