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  • Crime is rife amongst Japan’s angry elderly
  • Crime is rife amongst Japan’s angry elderly
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Crime is rife amongst Japan’s angry elderly

In Japan, kireru rōjin means “old people who are easily angered”. This group is growing rapidly, as the current social climate combined with the differences between older and younger generations generates hostile feelings amongst Japan’s rapidly ageing population.



  • Japanese grandmas are fitter than Gen Z Japanese grandmas are fitter than Gen Z

    Many of us like to think that we’re ageing well - in Japan, elderly women have shown up their younger counterparts by recording the highest fitness levels of the 65 to 74 age group since records began in 1998. But how are they staying so healthy?

  • Article image PARO: tech that aids the elderly

    While the immediate future is unlikely to yield AI pseudo-human carers, the notion of robots aiding the elderly is closer than ever. All over the world – especially in Japan, where more than a quarter of the population is over 65 – technology and healthcare are starting to overlap.

  • Article image The silent generation speaks up

    What does it feel like to grow old? Professor Philip Tew and Nick Hubble asked over 300 seniors to document their experiences. The findings shed new light on this untapped, misunderstood demographic.

  • Japan's ageing consumers Japan's ageing consumers

    As the number of Japanese over 65 hits a record 23.3% of the population, companies are remodelling stores and changing product portfolios. The country is becoming a test case of how a modern retail economy can switch to focus on older customers.