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  • A working brain-to-brain interface
  • A working brain-to-brain interface
    University of Washington ©

A working brain-to-brain interface

What if brains could directly interact with each other? University of Washington researchers have successfully demonstrated direct brain-to-brain communication, using one person's brain to control another person's hand almost instantaneously.



  • A bike helmet that reads your mind A bike helmet that reads your mind

    Cycling can be an idyllic and relaxing pursuit – riding through sweeping countryside with the wind in your hair – but in the city it can be a stressful experience. DuKorp has developed a 'mind-reading' helmet that lets you determine the least stressful route from A to B.

  • Rise of the (responsible) brain hackers Rise of the (responsible) brain hackers

    When did you last upgrade your brain? With experts saying cognitive enhancements will become part of everyday life within the next decade, The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is proposing new ethical principles including "the right to know who has been modified."

  • Article image Is MC10 creating superhumans?

    Wearable tech startup MC10 works at the cross-section between health and technology. Its 'invisible' head impact indicator monitors sports players, feeding back vital data to their coaches.

  • Article image Humanly possible

    Tapping into an ancient desire to be more than we already are, a new trend is emerging that is about being better, fitter, stronger, and happier.