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  • Students fight for a healthy body image
  • Students fight for a healthy body image
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Students fight for a healthy body image

More often than not, if a brand steps out of line, there's usually an army of online protesters ready to call them out. #IAmPerfect was the response to an ad campaign titled 'The Perfect Body' featuring a line-up of tall, slim and toned Victoria's Secret models.



  • Article image What does ‘beauty’ really mean?

    With 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, people are creating and looking at more images of themselves today than at any other point in history. And as our lives become permanently on display through the growth of social media, it’s changing how we see ourselves.

  • Food Banks, Twitter and The Power of Nice Food Banks, Twitter and The Power of Nice

    When the Mail on Sunday commissioned an investigation into food banks, they imagined their readers raging at ‘something-for-nothing’ Britain. What they didn’t anticipate was an internet backlash so strong, donations to food banks in the UK shot up by more than 1,000%.

  • Article image American Apparel: bringing back the bush

    To boost sales for Valentine's Day, American Apparel’s NYC SoHo branch adorned its mannequins with faux pubic hair. The message: au naturel is best. But is it anything more than a PR stunt?

  • Objectifying or celebrating women? Objectifying or celebrating women?

    Australian surf brand Roxy has come under attack for a promotional video that features a blonde woman in bed wearing only her underwear. While some dub the video “softcore porn”, others say it is a celebration of fit athletic bodies.