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  • Germany is the world's favourite country
  • Germany is the world's favourite country
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Germany is the world's favourite country

Feeling the glow of a World Cup win and a leading role in steering a post-financial crisis Europe, Germany has come out top in a poll annual poll measuring national brands. It marks the first time in six years that America has been toppled from prime position.



  • Article image Is ‘cheap is good’ still the German grocery-shopping mantra?

    German supermarkets have long been known for low prices and simple design. 81% of Germans say that price is the most important consideration when grocery shopping, but they're increasingly choosing premium and organic products. So what's changed? And what do Germans want to eat?

  • Article image Baugruppe: Berliners join together to build a home

    Rising house prices and a slow economy are moving home ownership beyond the reach of today's younger generations. In Berlin, one in ten new homes are constructed by Baugruppe (building groups). But what's the appeal of building your own home and community over buying a house?

  • Article image im gegenteil: slowing down speed dating

    Conducting detailed interviews with its members, accompanied by glossy photoshoots, im gegenteil is rallying against the ennui of traditional dating. But is this approach simply masking realities behind pretty packaging? And will it change the way Millennials look for love?

  • Article image Waldkindergarten: learning from the great outdoors

    Germany's Waldkindergarten send kids to learn and fend for themselves in the great outdoors. But what’s making a generation of helicopter parents decide to let go of the reins?