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  • ‘Vape’ is Word Of The Year 2014
  • ‘Vape’ is Word Of The Year 2014
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‘Vape’ is Word Of The Year 2014

In 2012 it was ‘omnishambles’, in 2013 it was ‘selfie’, and in 2014 the Oxford Dictionary word of the year is 'vape'. Around 2.1 million adults in UK currently use e-cigarettes, and new ads mean we're 30 times more likely to see the word 'vape' than we were two years ago.



  • Article image Snus: a growing addiction to a cleaner craving

    Could a 700-year-old Swedish tobacco product that's placed under the top lip replace e-cigarettes as the next smoking alternative? About 1 million Swedes use snus daily, and it's becoming popular in the US too. What does it reveal about the changing demands of tobacco consumers?

  • E-cigarettes for women E-cigarettes for women

    Vapor Couture is an e-cigarette aimed at vaping women. It’s thinner than others, has jewel-tipped batteries and features colours like ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Rose Gold’. But with some brands facing criticism for gender-specific products, how will Vapor Couture fare?

  • Article image Looking for a healthier high

    People see ‘light’ alternatives as healthier – based on everything from packaging colours to product labels. But if it’s simply a matter of perception, is a ‘healthy high’ truly achievable?

  • Article image How Vuse hopes to make smoking 'cool' again

    With smoking in decline, e-cigarettes may be the future – but only by being culturally relevant can new brands like Vuse stand out. Will it be enough reason for smokers to switch?