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  • Kids in Brazil learn before play
  • Kids in Brazil learn before play
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Kids in Brazil learn before play

At age 5, around half of children go online every day, increasing to about two thirds by 8. By the time kids reach adolescence, 95% are on smartphones and tablets. In Brazil, an app from telco brand Vivo ensures that kids learn a little before they dive into a digital playground.



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    Mysterious and manicured professional ‘unboxer’ DisneyCollector has produced over 1,200 videos on YouTube, and is captivating children around the globe. But what exactly is the appeal of watching a pair of hands remove the plastic packaging of Peppa Pig figurines?

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    Young parents in America not only work more hours than their parents did, but they work longer days than any other country, leaving less time to spend with their kids. Toymail offers a new channel of communication for parents to stay in touch with their children.

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    Technology is part of every aspect of our lives. But amongst the innovation, there are questions about what exactly we’re trading in for these advancements. Do smartphones actually disconnect us? Has Google made us stupid? And is making friends with robots messing up our kids?

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    Coding is an increasingly important skill, but getting a young child enthusiastic about it isn’t easy. Can gamifying learning with toy robots help create a new generation of programmers?